How to Train for the 2020 Olympic Games

A training routine for the upcoming 2020 Olympic games has been devised by a former US national team coach.Matt O’Brien is the man behind the training programme that aims to give athletes the confidence and resilience they need to compete at the highest level in the Olympic Games.The plan is to train for four weeks


How to find trains in the UK

I find the railway map of the UK a bit confusing.For example, the main lines run through Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.But then there’s the line to the UK’s border with Ireland, which has no railway links at all.So I looked up the route on the railway network map to find the train stations I


Which trains were built before the railroads?

Railroading is the history of how the railways came into existence.It is the story of how our ancestors got to the point of building the first trains and how we’ve come to depend on them for almost everything we use.This article provides an overview of the history and significance of railroading and gives an overview


How to use the si railway app

A train in India is like a mini-train: it travels along an entire railway network and can be used as a train, tram, bus, or even as a ferry.You can check out the full list of trains on the sirail website.The service also offers a mobile app, which is a way to use it without


Why India’s railways are under threat

India’s state-run railways are facing a major challenge in the next few years: attracting enough passengers to sustain their business model.The rail industry is struggling because of a combination of factors.India’s economy has been shrinking for two decades, and the country has been unable to attract more people to its rail network to keep it

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