How much does a train ticket cost in India?


How much do you need to pay for a train journey from one city to another?

There’s an average of Rs 2,000 per journey, which means a passenger travelling from Chennai to Mumbai will need to travel at least Rs 6,500 to get to Mumbai.

But the Railways has recently announced that the fares will drop by Rs 2 lakh.

In the past, the fare for a single passenger travelling on a train from Mumbai to Chennai has been around Rs 8,000.

But now, it will be Rs 2.3 lakh.

So what are the different ways of travelling on railways?

According to a Railway Board statement, the cheapest way is to use an Uber-like app.

This is because, it says, the passengers will be able to book a seat on the train in advance and will be picked up at the station.

However, if you want to travel by car, the fares are Rs 2 per kilometre for a driver and Rs 2 for a passenger.

There are other ways of travel.

For instance, if a passenger wants to get out of the train at Mumbai’s Nariman Point, they can pay for an Uber and then take a taxi to the station where the driver will pick them up at Nariman Terminus.

Or, they could simply drive to the nearest station and book the fare from there.

There is also a ‘motorcycle’ option.

A motorcycle is a passenger train, with a driver, which costs Rs 5,000 for the day, the rider pays Rs 2 on the way and the ride costs Rs 4,000 after the rider has travelled for two hours.

The driver then drives the motorcycle to the railway station.

If they are travelling by car or by bike, they need to buy an Uber.

But is this a good way to travel on a railway?

Not really.

First of all, the Mumbai-Mumbai-Delhi railway line is one of the busiest in the country.

So, you need a certain level of connectivity to reach the station, which may not be possible for a rider on a motorcycle.

And there are certain safety measures in place for riders on the bike.

But the fact is, a motorcycle rider can’t use a bicycle to travel the length of the railway in one day, which is not something you want when you’re trying to travel between Mumbai and Delhi.

The last option is for a person to travel to another city by bike and then get a ticket.

The cost of the ticket depends on the route and time.

The cheapest option is to travel with a motorcycle and then purchase a ticket at the railway ticket office.

The Railways say the price of the fare will drop to Rs 2 from Rs 8 in three years, and that the price will increase to Rs 3 from Rs 6 from April 2018 onwards.

The fare will also be lower than on the existing Metro Rail service.

However the cost of a Metro Rail ticket will remain the same.

Railways are also looking at ways to encourage people to switch to alternative modes of travel like buses, trains and taxis.

The latest report of the National Transport Policy Review Board states that the number of passengers travelling by bus is on the rise.

But there is also evidence that the public’s attitudes towards buses are changing.

A recent study by the National Statistical Research Institute of India shows that people’s perception of buses has been on the decline since 2010.

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