The railway plaza apartments


From a railway plaza, this apartment building stands out from the others.

The terrace and the roof are built from the same material as the other apartments.

The apartment’s front and back balconies are made of metal.

It’s a small apartment with a balcony that’s about as tall as the building itself.

The front of the building is a bit narrow, but it gives you a good view of the street and the railway.

This apartment is the last in the block, but you’ll be able to walk to other apartments here if you’re interested in this area.

The apartments on the other side of the railway are not as big, but they are also less grand.

In fact, this block’s apartment blocks are all built of a very different material.

They’re called terrace apartments, which means they’re apartments on a roof, not a terrace.

The idea is that these apartments are small, but large enough to be useful for people who want to live in a space.

The balconies of terrace apartment blocks in Darjeeling, India, are a little smaller than the balconies in other blocks.

The two apartments in this block are made out of steel and are about as wide as the block itself.

This block has two terrace blocks, one on each side.

Both terrace block apartments are about 1,000 square metres each.

If you take the two terraces from the second terrace to the fourth, you get a total of 1,400 square metres.

This terrace area is the size of a parking lot, but with the space it gives to a pedestrian.

The top of the terrace is made of the same type of steel as the balconied blocks, but the lower part of the area is made out with the same materials as the terraced blocks.

There’s a glass window in the middle of the floor, a small door that goes through a small opening in the front of each block, and a metal door that runs down the middle between the two blocks.

This is the entrance to the apartment.

The glass window is about 1.5 metres wide and one metre high.

The door opens through the gap in the top of each terrace, and there’s a little gap in between the windows.

When you open the door, you’re able to see into the apartment through the windows, as well as into the corridor below.

You’ll see that this apartment has two doors.

One is in the central area of the apartment, and the other is in a smaller room on the top floor.

The other room is the living room, which is normally not open to the public.

The balcony on the ground floor of the block is a large area with a small balcony at the top, with an open balcony below.

The floor in between is a little wider, and has a small room with a railing.

There is also a small open area to the side of this balcony.

This area is not used for public use.

The doors to the balconial apartments on each of the four terraces are closed, and they have a padlock on them.

This padlock is made from two pieces of steel that are attached to each other with a loop of steel.

The lock is made to fit on a lockpicker, but not to lock it into place.

The padlock sits on the padlock, and is easily opened and closed.

The locks are also designed to last for many years.

You can see that the locks on each terraces on the floor in the living rooms are locked by two sets of locks.

The first set of locks are the first set you will find in most terraced apartment blocks.

Each set of the locks has two parts.

On the top set of each lock, there is a padlocked padlock with a padlocking pin that you can use to unlock the lock.

This pin sits on a pad that is attached to a lockpole on the second set of lockpicks.

The second set is the second padlocked set of padlocks that are used to unlock both the second and third set of door locks.

You will find these lockpickers on the outside of the apartments.

Inside each apartment, there are a series of locks that can be unlocked by a key that is placed inside the door.

The key is then attached to the lockpole and the padlocks are held together by a spring.

The springs on these padlocks allow you to move the lock around inside the apartment and can also be used to open and close the door to the terraces.

You need to be able use your hand to open the lock and to close it, but this is a good thing, as you can lock the door without hurting the pad.

The main purpose of this lock is to keep the apartment locked.

In order to get into the apartments, you must first pass through the padlocked lock on the door and then use your finger to open a lock on a keypad on

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