Railway form to give more freedom for commuters to travel from Melbourne to Canberra


Posted March 24, 2019 05:53:24 A rail operator has said it will offer free travel for commuters from Melbourne and Canberra on the form Railways can use to apply for an extension of their train journeys.

Key points:Rail operator Melbourne Trains will allow commuters from Canberra to Melbourne to use their train form on its own rail networkRail operator Canberra Trains is expected to give free travel to commuters from Sydney and Melbourne on its rail networkThe form, used by rail operators for extending the train journeys they already have, was introduced in September.

A group of commuters in Melbourne are calling for the Federal Government to make free travel available on the Railways form.

The Government announced it would introduce a rail extension for up to three years starting in 2018, and it is understood the form will be rolled out across Australia by 2020.

The form has been used for almost three years by rail companies around Australia, and a decision will be made on whether it should be rolled-out nationwide.

It will be used to determine the eligibility of commuters to board train at their destination, and to determine whether the train company can extend the journey of a passenger if that passenger does not have the necessary form.

There are now more than 400 million rail journeys in Australia, which makes up about 20 per cent of total passenger journeys.

The decision on the rail extension will be based on the criteria that train operators use to determine eligibility.

In a statement, Railtrains said it was a long-term project that would be delivered by train operators, and was not dependent on the Federal government’s decision on rail extension.

The group said it would be working with Government and the Federal Parliamentary Joint Committee on Transport to provide information on how the rail extensions would work, and would also be working to help the Government in the planning process.

The Railways Board has been asked to report on the rollout of the rail form in early 2019.


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