How to travel the Niles Canyon Railway


A rail network that runs from the city of Niles to the city and beyond, the Nils Canyon Railway (NCR) has the most trains of any railway in Iran, the official IRNA news agency reported.

The NCR is a joint venture between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Islamic World Bank (IAB), the agency said.

The IAB is a financial and economic aid organisation that is part of the Central Bank of Iran.

In addition to the train service between the two cities, there are also three other passenger services between the cities and other parts of Iran, according to the agency.

According to the NRC website, the railway is “a joint venture of the IAA and the IRNA”, the agency’s official news agency.

The agency said the project is expected to generate 20 billion rials ($3.8 billion) in annual revenues for the government.

The railway has operated since the 1960s, and is known as the “Lebanese railway” because it has links to Lebanon and Israel.

It also links the country’s southern border with Syria.

The Iran Times reported in 2015 that the NIRP has been trying to improve the train services by opening up the railways to foreign travellers.

It said the plan is to allow Iranian citizens from other countries to use the railway, but that the government would have to pay for the services.

The agency said that some train operators have been willing to pay some foreign tourists for the train trip, but it said there are many other operators who refuse to participate in such arrangements.

The Iranian Railways Association said in an email to IRNA that the company has always been transparent with the authorities and has not allowed any foreigner to take the train from Niles.

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