How to get a flat in Mumbai – The city’s most sought-after flats


On the second floor of the old station in central Mumbai, in the plush, airy, three-story Rastan flats, a couple of residents are working on a small project.

They are, after all, part of the “Railway Club,” a group of local businessmen who have been renting out their properties on the Mumbai-Mumbai railway for the past seven years.

The club has been operating under the moniker “Bharat Hotels,” a nod to its proximity to the city’s major tourist spots.

The hotel group has an office at the railway plaza apartments, one of the citys top-rated hotels.

The members include a prominent businessman, who also happens to be one of its managers.

The Railways Club is also known as “The City’s Most Famous Hotels.”

The group operates five luxury hotels in Mumbai, and rents out its rooms to its members, who make about $3,000 a month.

The group’s success is the result of its proximity, and the fact that the club is based in a part of Mumbai that is relatively safe and clean.

It is not a place where anyone is afraid to venture.

The city’s crime rate is relatively low, and crime is not as rampant as in other parts of the country.

There are no gangsters or drug addicts on the streets of Mumbai.

The city has a relatively peaceful and orderly public life.

But it also has some of the most dangerous places in the country: The metro is often crowded, the crime rate in the city is high, and there is a heavy presence of armed men, some of whom are seen as part of local underworld.

Mumbai is a city that is in transition, and that is reflected in the fact there are many new hotels and residential projects opening up every day, says Manoj Sharma, the president of the Mumbai Hotel Association.

“There are lots of hotels, there is one or two of them that are not ready to open yet,” he said.

“So the trend is going in that direction.”

The Rastans are the first residents to rent out their apartments in the hotel, and they are making money from the project.

The family of four is trying to get into a flat at a new residential development that the hotel is building, but the rent is too high.

The club members are also trying to open a hotel in a less dangerous part of town.

“There is a lot of activity,” Sharma said.

railway plaza apartments skarloey railway the railway club

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