How to buy an antique train ticket in the Balkans


In Albania, the railway museum is often the best-known institution of its kind in the country.

Visitors flock to its museum to see the famous locomotives, cars, engines and other objects, and the museum is always busy.

Now, however, there is a chance that it could be closed for good, thanks to an unlikely source: a train ticket.

The museum is currently running on a one-year loan, and has recently been running on an extended loan.

The train tickets have been sold out, and as such, the museum cannot run any longer.

But it does not mean that the museum will close.

The local authorities have agreed to allow the museum to continue on, but they have to find a way to keep the museum open, and are currently looking into ways to keep it going.

In order to keep up with the demand for trains, the train museum is hoping to be able to keep on selling tickets and other items.

The money collected from the sale of the tickets will go to support the museum’s maintenance.

But that is not the only thing that will help the museum survive.

The railway museum also sells antique trains and trainsets, which are very valuable items.

These trains and parts of the train can be used for repairs, but also can be reused for the next train to run.

If the train that was on the train, was lost, or if a passenger has a repair wish, they can purchase them at the railway station for 10 euros each.

If this is done, they are able to use the train for a short period.

The rail museum is also looking into how to get train tickets back to Albania.

In addition, the railways museum also collects antique pieces, such as clockwork, clocks, and other historical objects, to help pay for its upkeep.

In Albania there are several railway museums that are actively working to support and preserve the cultural heritage of the country, and with the help of the railway museums, the local community can be able enjoy a bit of historical preservation in the future.

southeastern railway museum

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