A railway design that will let kids play on the interurban train


The Interurban Railroad has been a fixture of our city for over 200 years.

A favorite with generations of kids, it’s one of the few public transit systems in the country that doesn’t require kids to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

The Intercity Railway is set to open this year, with a $2.2 billion grand opening slated for 2018.

Here are 10 ways to ride the intercity.


Ride it with a parent 1.

The idea behind the Interurban is to bring people together in a way that allows children to connect with people around them, said Marcia Czukary, CEO of the Chicago Department of Transportation.

The new train, which will carry 3,000 riders per day, will be accessible for all ages.

The first line is scheduled to open in 2019.


Enjoy the train’s scenic beauty 2.

The train’s sleek design, featuring two curved walls, an elevated platform, and a sleek, modern-style interior, is perfect for families with children, said Mike Stapleton, vice president of transportation for the Chicago Transit Authority.

The intercity will include a full-service kitchen and bar, a fitness center, and lounges and louvers for the children.


Enjoy a safe and comfortable ride 3.

While some children might find the ride more comfortable than others, Stap and his team will not recommend any specific safety features, he said.


The rails will connect to the subway and buses in the city, which is where most people live, Czukiary said.

The trains will connect with the Chicago Loop at the north end, with the south end connecting to the Red Line.


Enjoy an elevated ride 5.

The ride will be comfortable, but not too comfortable for kids, Storlak said.

There are no stairs on the Intercity, and children should not be able to climb over the railing, but they will be able access a stairwell.


Ride with a friend 6.

The city’s new intercity rail system is a partnership between Chicago Public Schools and the Inter-City Rail Authority, which also operates the Chicago O’Hare Rapid Transit Line.

The system includes a new, $1.2 million station in downtown Chicago, as well as stations in the North Loop and West Loop.

Chicago Public schools have partnered with Inter-city Rail Authority to build the stations, and the city has partnered with the rail authority to make the stations available to the public.


Meet a new face 7.

In addition to being a train, the new interurban trains will feature a new look and feel.

The interior design is designed to feel like a modern, high-tech, urban train, CZukary said, adding that the new trains will also be built to meet the standards of modern-day rail travel.


Watch your step when the train leaves 8.

Kids on the new Interurban will have a new experience, said Czukaary.

“It will be a really exciting experience to be able go to a station and take a walk and ride a train in a space that has been designed to allow for that experience,” she said.

“The intercity is an opportunity for us to take this idea of interurban transit to new heights.”


See the sights in the interiors 9.

In a new design, the interurbans interior will be designed with children in mind.

Stapton said the interurbs new look will be reminiscent of the train and bus platforms of the 1940s and 1950s.

The station design, he added, is designed around children.


Enjoy your trip on a new rail line.

The Illinois Department of Public Works is building a $1 billion line that will run between Chicago and St. Louis.

The project is the first major intercity line in the United States.

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