Which cafe is best for your breakfast?


A list of the best cafes for breakfast in Sydney’s inner-city suburbs has been compiled by the Sydney Morning Herald.

The cafe menu for breakfast has been sourced from various online and local news outlets.

Read moreThe Best Coffee Cafes in Sydney Inner-City ParishesThe Sydney Morning Sun’s breakfast list includes the following cafes in each of the following inner-cities. 

The Harbour City (Barrhaven, Sydney, Darlinghurst, North Shore, Central and North End) The Bentleigh (Fremantle, South Melbourne, Southport, Bundaberg) Sydney (Auckland, Christchurch, Bundamba) North Shore (Port Macquarie, Porirua, Whangarei) Porirua (Wollongong, Wollonguita, Tauranga) Mount Isa (Mount Isa, Kew, Whittier) Queensland Central (North Queensland, Wodonga, Mount Isa) NSW North (Manly, Winton, Darling) New South Wales Central (Mountain View, Newcastle, Werribee) Victoria Central (Gosford, Launceston, Mount Gambier)The Daily Telegraph’s breakfast menu includes the above listed cafes in Sydney. 

Top 10 Sydney Cafes for BreakfastThe Sydney Daily Telegraph has compiled a list of top 10 cafes for coffee, which is based on a list compiled by The Sydney Morning News in May.

The Sydney Daily Herald’s breakfast selection was also based on the same list. 

Here are the top 10 Sydney cafes for Breakfast in the Sydney metropolitan area.1. 

Lunch – The Breakfast Club, Mount Street (Sydn) Bread and butter sandwiches. 

(NSW Breakfast) 2. 

Drinks – Mash & Brews, Mount St Vincent’s (Swinburne) Mashed potato and biscuit omelets. 


Desserts – Scoop & Grab, Mounts Bar and Grill (Mounts) Cheesecake, ice cream and peanut butter ice cream. 


Late Night – The Coffee Cafe, Mount Bar and the Coffee Club (Mount) Coffee. 


Tasting Room – Barrack Plaza, Mount (Sewerley) Dinner from $3.20-$5.30 (Lakeside, Waverley)6. 

Meal Options – Choco’s Bakery, Mount Park (Sawyers Creek) Chicken breast, spinach and beans. 


Bagels – Strictly Organic, Mount Panorama (Sunderland) Soft and fluffy buns. 


Breakfast Sandwich – Aurora Coffee, Mount Parker (Mounted Police Station) Burger. 

9. Granola – Caffe Nero, Mountlake Terrace (Mount Panorama) Grains. 


Cafe Lunch – Livi’s Cafe, South Beach (Mount Pleasant) Fries and sausages. 


Frog & Waffles – Empire Café, Mountdale (Mount St Vincent) Stuffed waffles. 


Snacks – Raspberry Creme, South Yarra (Mountstown) Ganache and caramel chocolate. 


Tea – Fried Green Tomato, Mount Tamarama (Mount Tamar) Caramelised egg whites. 


Sandwiches – Nova Citta, Mount Pleasant (Mount Tanana) Crème brulee. 


Cheese – Delia, Mount Terrace Grilled cheese sandwich. 


Serves – Diner, Mount Eden (Mount Elizabeth) Fresh fish. 


Food Service – Peppermint Pie, Mount Erebus (Mount Ereus) Pie crusts. 


Specials –  Nova Pizza, Mount Elizabeth (Mount Victoria) Flour and yeast pizza. 


Ice Cream – Pizzeria Tiozza, Mount Waverly (Mount Waver) Hummus. 


Sweets – Tasty, Mount Evelyn (Mount Horseshoe) Sweet and savoury treats. 


Pastries – Wally’s Cafe Cake, Honey, Honeycomb, Cinnamon and a few others. 

22. Popcorn – Odyssey Popcorn, Mount Horssey (Mount Clements) Popcorns. 


Jams – Jazz Jam, Mount Victoria (Mount Tabor) Jazzy jam. 


Sports & Fitness – Superman, Mount Campbell (Mount Wellington) Superwoman

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