When The Exfiltrators Reclaim Thomas Railway Series


In a series of posts on Reddit, former Thomas Railway series writer Thomas J. Williams (aka T.J. Williams) has taken to the subreddit to share a few bits of information about the series, along with some photos of some of the train’s tracks.

“In my previous career as a train writer, I did a lot of research into the Thomas Railway and it was a very exciting time,” Williams writes.

“My last book, The Exporter’s Daughter, which was a follow-up to The Exfilter, was published in 2018 and was written in a very different way, which is why I can’t remember the name of the series.

But I have a lot to say about it.”

He continues, “I had the honor of being given a book deal with The New York Times in 2017, but I had a hard time getting my book into the best print format that the Times could offer.

That was because of the publisher, the publisher wanted it in black and white, which the train series was, which I was unable to do.

So the book was published with colored paper, and it had to have the original color illustrations.

So when I got a chance to work on the book, I was thrilled.

I think I could tell you now that I was a big fan of the Thomas, and I was even more thrilled to get to work with such a talented team.”

While Williams was the main writer on the series before it ended, the showrunners, Adam Gebhard and Mark Johnson, also wrote the script for The Exiltration.

While Williams’ first novel, The Expulsion, was a fairly standard fare in the Thomas series, he says that when the show’s first two seasons were finished, they were very different in tone.

“I think the show changed when it went to three seasons,” he says.

“It was about three different stories in three different directions.

The show had become so popular that I could no longer just write a standard, standard story that had a happy ending, and that was really fun for me.

And so when I started the show, I just thought it was going to be another one of those shows, and there would be no happy endings.

And that was probably the first time that I thought, ‘I’m done with this show.'”

The series ended after its second season, but Williams says that he had the chance to sit down with the show creators and they were able to get the story in a more cohesive and fun way.

“So, yeah, the writers did write a great show,” he writes.

I’m glad that I got to write the Thomas that I wanted to write.

And I’m also glad that the series was the way it was.

The expulsions took place in 1871 and 1872, and the series ended on May 1, 1873.

interchange railway exfil thomas railway series

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