When China’s railway code is used to regulate online shopping, the world is watching


The code of conduct governing the sale of goods online in China has sparked a firestorm of criticism from rights groups and tech companies.

But while the code has been criticised for allowing China to impose restrictions on free expression, it’s also come under fire for allowing the government to censor online platforms, including those used to store and sell goods.

China has been cracking down on online shopping since 2011, and has been accused of unfairly stifling competition.

As of this month, the government has blocked more than 4,500 websites from accessing the web and blocked several more.

Its online censors are also using a variety of tools, including blocking IP addresses and tracking the websites visited, to track and block people from using popular websites, including Tencent, Alibaba and Tencent Cloud.

Some of these blocks were announced in September, when the Chinese government published its latest online censorship plan, called the Five Principles of the Great Firewall of China, and called for online platforms to abide by them.

But the Chinese internet has long been considered a battleground for the state.

The government has banned some websites and services that it says violate its laws, including WeChat, Weibo, WeChat+, the popular messaging app Telegram and several other popular services.

In the past, Beijing has tried to restrict content in online forums and censored websites and apps.

But the most recent crackdown has been a more drastic move, with a range of websites and platforms blocked.

The latest move comes after Chinese President Xi Jinping launched a new crackdown in the last year.

The Chinese government has not yet released details of the restrictions.

But one Chinese internet company, Tencent Holdings, said it blocked at least 11,000 accounts.

“It’s been a very difficult and slow process,” the company said in a statement.

“We will continue to support the Chinese authorities in their efforts to curb the spread of anti-social behaviour and the spread in general of criminal activities online.

We strongly condemn the online illegal activity and illegal online content, and we will continue doing so.”

The company said it plans to provide support to affected users and users’ legal counsels.

Chinese social media company Weibo also blocked more that 8,000 users and blocked dozens of accounts.

Weibo said the blocks affected around 30 million users.

The move came after Weibo users posted photos of their children on Weibo in protest at the new restrictions, according to a Weibo post on Wednesday.

WeChat has also blocked several million accounts.

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