New evidence suggests the first transatlantic passenger train was constructed in 1608


A new discovery suggests the earliest transatlantic railway was constructed between Boston and New York in 1607.

The artefacts discovered in a museum in Connecticut, known as Danbury Railway Museum, contain the first examples of a railway car and locomotive.

The museum’s director, Peter Sussman, said the collection was found on a train heading from New York to Connecticut and that the discovery was significant.

“We think it’s the earliest train to be built and that it was probably the first passenger railway,” he said.

“It’s very significant because it shows a train that had been built before we knew that trains could be built.”

So we have a very early form of railroading.

“Mr Sussmann said the railway’s first passenger was a man called Thomas Crippen, a British trader from Oxfordshire, who sailed to the New World from New Britain.”

Thomas Crippan’s first voyage was probably between 1710 and 1713 and the journey took six months,” Mr Sussmans said.”[He] was the first person to sail in a car that didn’t have wheels.

“The train was built in the town of Danbury, New York, in the early 16th century.

The first passenger to use a locomotive was a British businessman named John Fox, who made the trip from Boston to Connecticut in 1609.

The discovery comes a week after researchers uncovered the remains of an early railway in a landfill in Connecticut.

They found a large wooden railcar in the dump, which had been sitting there for years.”

The first locomotive that was built by the British was actually a steam locomotive,” Mr Crippans, of Danburys Museum, said.

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