How to get an engine for a train


Transport Australia has a new train engine and it’s going to be a lot more reliable than the current one.

The Transport Minister announced today that the new engine will be a modern version of the one that went on the Northern Territory Railway (NTR) between Adelaide and Perth in 2018.

The NTR is the only Australian railway company to use the engine and train as part of the national rail network, and the NTR trains operate 24 hours a day.

“The NTRA has invested heavily in our existing train fleet and we know that its the most reliable and efficient train engine in the world,” Transport Minister Simon Birmingham said.

We are making great strides to ensure the NTRA is the first to use a modern, reliable train engine, Mr Birmingham said, adding that the engine would be ready for service by the end of 2018.

“Its a significant investment and the results speak for themselves.”

The engine was built by a company called the Siemens Advanced Engine Technology (SAT) Group and is based on the older model of the engine used by the NTRI and NTTR.

It’s expected to be about $600,000 more expensive to build than the NTRL’s current engine, which has a maximum operating life of 10 years.

Tasmania Transport Minister Tom Koutsantonis said the NTRC was investing in modern trains because it was important to the state’s economy.

“We are investing in a modern train system that will enable the NTTR to attract more people and jobs, while ensuring that we are providing the best service for Tasmania’s passengers and businesses,” he said.

“The new engine is the latest step in achieving this ambitious goal.”

Mr Koutsentonis said it was expected the new train would be delivered in 2019.

Mr Birmingham said the new NTR engine was designed to be safe and reliable and was not a replacement for the older NTR-operated engine.

He said the engine was “comparable” to the NTRE-operated engines and that it would be the most modern train engine that Australia has used.


railway engine

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