How to eat the best burger at Pacific Railway Station diner


A diner at Pacific Railway Station in B.C.’s Fraser Valley has developed a unique recipe for a signature burger, thanks to a “trick of the trade” that allows the diner to make burgers at its own time.

The restaurant, which opened in April, uses a burger trimmings from the diner’s chef and sells them to customers on a daily basis.

“We’re the most famous burger restaurant in the world, and our customers come from all over the world,” said Paul Dang, co-owner of the Pacific Railway Railway Station Diner.

“We try to offer the best food that we can, because that’s our livelihood.

It’s really important to us to serve the best and that’s what we’re doing at this time.”

The diner’s owner said the burger trims are the result of his own culinary talents.

“I like to cook, I love food, I’ve got a love for food and I’ve had a love of burgers since I was a kid,” Dang said.

“I really love making burgers.

The restaurant has since become a regular attraction at the Pacific Rail Station in the Fraser Valley.”

It’s a special time of the year and it’s a good time for burgers, because it’s very busy.”

The restaurant has since become a regular attraction at the Pacific Rail Station in the Fraser Valley.

Dang said the customers appreciate the unique recipe.

“When you eat the burger, it tastes amazing,” he said.

“You can tell the burger’s made with real ingredients that have been roasted in the oven and grilled, but it also has a very unique flavour.

It really makes the burger taste like a home made meal.”

The new recipe is being shared widely on social media.

“This is one of my favourite dishes in the whole world, it’s not a fast food burger but it’s really good,” one user commented.

“A burger at Pacific Railroad Station is delicious, especially when it’s made fresh.

It is very rare for a restaurant to serve a burger that is as good as this one,” another wrote.”

Thanks to you, this is one that I’m going to eat on every meal,” another commented.

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