How to drive faster: How to get more speed in the car


The UK’s roads have seen a steady climb in speed and efficiency, and the latest figures from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) are showing that the country has finally caught up.

The agency reported that a typical British vehicle has a top speed of 160mph, a top gear speed of 70mph and a total fuel economy of 16.3mpg.

The average vehicle on the roads in 2014 was a bit shy of this, at 154mph.

NHTSA’s latest report also revealed that the average driver has now logged over 2,200 hours in a car, up from 1,873 hours in 2013.

The data also shows that people in the UK have taken to their cars, with the number of people who drove their own vehicle more than doubling in the last three years.

It was the second consecutive year that the number had soared in the year to September, with 1.4 million people driving their own vehicles in the country in September.

As the world’s fastest growing nation, the UK has seen the country’s car fleet grow by 8.7% year-on-year to 7,827,931 vehicles in 2015.

The figures are a testament to how the UK is growing, with demand for its cars outpacing supply.

A total of 9.5 million vehicles were registered in 2015, which represents a 5% increase on 2014.

That’s a far cry from the peak of the car bubble of the 1990s, when more than 60% of cars were bought and sold on the black market.

As well as boosting fuel economy, the NHTSCA has also released its 2015 Vehicle Operating Cost Survey, which shows the UK still lags behind some of its peers in terms of fuel efficiency.

In the UK, the average fuel efficiency of new vehicles was 1.9kg/km, down from 2.0kg/kms in 2014.

In other words, the fuel economy has fallen by about a third in the past year.

It is also the case that the UK’s average petrol consumption has also fallen.

The NHTSca’s figures show that in 2014, the country consumed 0.9 litres of fuel per 100 kilometres travelled, which was slightly higher than the European average of 0.7 litres.

That number has now been cut by over two thirds in the same period.

In addition, the numbers for the average number of miles travelled per person have also fallen significantly.

In 2014, an average person travelled about 6.2 miles per person, compared to the European Union average of 8.6 miles per capita.

And, in comparison to the UK as a whole, the number who drive themselves to work has also dropped by almost one third, with more than 3 million people choosing to work from home.

It seems that the British have been slowly moving in the right direction, but the future looks grim for some.

A more sustainable future for Britain’s car manufacturers?

According to the Nhtsa, there are now just over 200,000 vehicle manufacturing plants worldwide.

That is just 0.4% of the world population, but still a huge number.

The government’s own figures show the UK would need to double its fleet to meet its future demand for cars by 2050.

That would mean a staggering number of new cars being produced in Britain, and a very high demand for new ones.

But, it is likely that the next generation of cars will not be the same.

With the number and quality of cars now rising at such a rapid rate, the car industry will struggle to meet the demand.

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