How to build a garden railway: Garden Railway FAQ


Garden Railway was the name given to a small section of the tracks of the New York City Garden Railway, built from 1874 to 1888, between Park Avenue and the Hudson River.

Garden Railway served as a commuter rail station, connecting Brooklyn and Queens with the surrounding areas of Manhattan and Queens.

The track, which was a four-mile long, 2-foot-wide section, was the most popular of the Garden Railway’s many tracks, and many of the stations were built on top of it.

Although the Garden Railroad was not intended to be a passenger train, many New Yorkers did take advantage of the station as an off-ramp, making it a popular destination for passengers.

This page provides a brief introduction to the Garden Railways history, as well as a brief overview of the current Garden Railway.

What are Garden Railway stations?

Garden Railway Station #1 was opened in 1884.

This station, located on the west side of the city at West 42nd Street, served the residents of Brooklyn.

Garden Railway Station #2 opened in 1889, just two years after the Garden railroads first station on the Garden River.

It served the Staten Island area as well.

Garden Railroad Station #3 opened in 1890 and closed in 1902.

It was the first station to be built on a private railroad.

The station was later demolished and replaced with a park and ride lot.

Garden Train Station #4 opened in 1896, two years before the first Garden Railway station opened on the River.

The park and rides at the station were renovated and reopened in 1899.

Garden Station #5 opened in 1903, two months before the Garden railroad stations first station was opened on Garden River Avenue.

The Garden train station was the last station to open on the new Garden Railway tracks, in 1908.

The train station had a double-deck structure, with a passenger boarding room on each deck.

The passenger rooms had double beds and a washroom on the first deck.

A third deck had a second passenger room.

The Park & Ride lot on the second deck was later torn down in the early 1930s, but it remained in use as a parking lot.

This photo shows the Garden Train station, with its double-dock structure.

Garden train stations were located on either side of an elevated railway track.

When the Garden railway was originally built, it was located on a platform above the street level of the Queensboro Bridge, which gave the station a more direct view of the river than did the lower level of Brooklyn Bridge Park.

The bridge was rebuilt in 1930, and the Garden train system moved to a platform on the river.

The tracks of this Garden railway ran from the Garden Avenue train station on Garden Avenue to the Brooklyn Bridge on the Queensborough Bridge.

Garden railroad tracks were built along the Brooklyn River from the Brooklyn to the New Jersey side.

They were separated by a bridge on the New England side.

Garden rail tracks were also constructed in the Bronx, on the south side of Manhattan.

Garden railway tracks were constructed in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

The Brooklyn Garden Railway used to be the longest running railroad in the world.

It ran from Brooklyn to New York and back, until it was replaced by the Garden Express in 1932.

The original Garden railway stations, which were built in 1874, were located at West 41st Street, Park Avenue, West 42d Street, and West Broadway.

Garden Express Station #7 opened in 1935 and closed the Garden express in 1936.

The last Garden train to operate on the Brooklyn Garden railway line was the Garden-Express train in 1937.

The old Garden express station was demolished in 1968 and replaced by a parking garage.

This section of Garden railway track is now owned by the New Brunswick State Historic Preservation Society.

What is the Garden Bridge?

Garden Bridge, as it was called in the 1870s, was a bridge built in the mid-1880s on the West side of Brooklyn to provide access to the Hudson river from Brooklyn.

The garden bridge was a six-mile span that connected Brooklyn to Queens.

This was the third bridge built along Garden River, and was one of the last bridges built on Garden Railway lines.

The other Garden railway bridges were built between the Brooklyn and Staten Island areas.

When this Garden Bridge was completed in 1889 and named after a woman named Elizabeth Stratton, the GardenRailway system moved from its original station at the Park Avenue Garden Railway to the first new Garden rail station built on the network.

In 1898, the first electric train service was introduced, on a new Garden railway train.

This new train, running on a two-car schedule, was called the Garden Buses.

A second electric train was constructed between 1900 and 1913, and a third was built between 1915 and 1927.

The first electric locomotive, built in 1916, was removed from service in 1922.

The electric locomotives were replaced by electric steam locomotivals, in 1928.

The final electric locomotor was dismantled and shipped to China in 1931.

The New Jersey Garden Railway began its Garden

garden railway

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