Why India’s railways are under threat


India’s state-run railways are facing a major challenge in the next few years: attracting enough passengers to sustain their business model.

The rail industry is struggling because of a combination of factors.

India’s economy has been shrinking for two decades, and the country has been unable to attract more people to its rail network to keep it running.

In order to get the railway business to survive, Indian Railways needs to attract passengers, said Prabhat Jain, president of the Federation of Indian Rail Companies.

Railways also have to deal with the threat of terrorism.

The number of terror attacks on railway platforms and tracks is increasing and they have been increasing in the past few years, said Jain.

While it’s impossible to say how many people have actually been killed by terror attacks, it’s estimated that about 50,000 people have been killed since 2010, according to the Indian government.

Train companies are under enormous pressure.

Last year, the number of train accidents rose to over 10,000, with more than 1,100 deaths reported, according the railway ministry.

Even though the railway industry is facing the biggest challenge, many of its key pillars are still strong.

Indian Railways has seen some dramatic improvement over the past two decades.

It’s a model that is gaining momentum.

As part of its ambitious plan to attract people to the rail network, Indian railways has launched a number of initiatives that include offering free Wi-Fi, mobile phones and laptops for people who can’t use the internet, and offering discounts on trains and trainsharing services.

But the railway is also struggling with the challenges posed by the increasing number of people who want to travel on trains.

“We have seen that many of our stations are no longer suitable for a new customer.

The demand for our services has increased over the years, so we have to adapt our system to meet that demand,” said Jha.

Some of the railway stations have closed in recent years, and now many train stations are empty.

To try and make up for this, Jha said the railways is looking to introduce new services that will cater to the changing needs of the passengers.

These include mobile services, a rail-sharing service and free Wi‑Fi.

The railway has also launched an app that will give passengers information about train routes and services and allow them to book train tickets.

Jain also said that the railway has been offering a range of discounts on train tickets to attract commuters.

A lot of the train tickets are priced at Rs.50 and above, and most passengers can get discounts of up to 25 per cent, he said.

The train fares are cheaper because they’re based on the length of a journey.

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