‘Trainwreck’: What it was like to ride the ‘bnsF’ train


The “bns” train, known as the “trainwreck” of the 1930s, was the first and only rail line built between Reno and Las Vegas.

It was named after the Nevada state legislature that approved it.

It’s still a popular stop for riders.

Here are some of the memorable things you never knew about the train.


It took over an hour to get from Reno to Las Vegas and back.

The “train” was a passenger train.

The passengers had to walk up the hill on their own.


The train had two entrances.

One was on the west side of the railroad tracks and the other was on its east side.

It could only go up or down the tracks in either direction.


The trains were painted black.

The rails were white.

The cars were green and the tracks were orange.


The first train came to Reno on July 7, 1932.

The next train arrived on May 15, 1933.

It left Las Vegas on May 26, 1933, and came back on July 14, 1933 with more than 6,500 passengers.


There was no bathroom.

The restrooms were built in the 1930’s, but they were only accessible by using a walk-in shower.


The second train arrived in Las Vegas a few days later.

It would take the passengers through Reno and back to Las Las Vegas the next day.


The third train arrived three days later and it was the last train to make it to Las Parkas.


The fourth train arrived a week later.

The fifth train arrived just before Christmas.


The sixth train arrived about two weeks before the “Bones” movie was released.

It ran until March 11, 1934.


The seventh train, which was called “The Bone Train,” made it to the “Halloween” party in the Disneyland Hotel on Halloween night.


It had a capacity of 5,000 passengers.


The last train in the train, the “Gloria,” had only 5,500 people on board.


The original “BONES” movie had a score of just one.


The final train, “The Death Train,” was the longest train to leave Reno.

The ticket to get on the train was $50 and the ticket to leave was $20.

The Death Train was only supposed to last six days.


There were only four exits in the “boneyard.”

There were no exits in Reno or Las Vegas for the “bonanza” trains.


There are no photos of the train because the trains were built during World War II.

They were painted red and the railroad was painted white.


The railroad was closed to the public during the “Black Friday” train sale.

It reopened in December 1940.


The BNSF had a lot of problems during World Wars I and II.

In 1943, the Nevada Legislature voted to keep the trains running, but the state was losing millions of dollars a day because of a lack of maintenance and repairs.

In 1946, a group of riders in the Reno area decided to build a new line between Reno to San Francisco.

This new line would eventually become the “Trainwreck.”

The original train was named the “Mountain Train” and it took passengers on a three-mile trip to Reno from San Francisco to San Diego.


There’s a plaque on the tracks honoring the original “bney” trains in Reno.

It says, “There’s a legend behind this train that dates back to the days of the Black Friday Train Sale.

This was the train that went through Reno on Halloween.”

It was also the first train to take passengers on the “death train.”


There is a plaque in the Nevada State Capitol that honors the original train.

It reads, “BNSF, Inc., was founded in 1912 by the original BNSFH train operator, Fred Johnson.

The company was incorporated in 1924 and was known as “Bney” because it was built by his family.

The name was shortened to “Boneyard” in the 1950s when the company closed its doors.”

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