Illinois railway museum rescues two trains after collision


Scrambling a train on the Illinois railway and running into an accident that killed one person are examples of the dangers of using the railroads standard gauge railway for freight trains, a railway museum said Thursday.

The Illinois Railway Museum in the Chicago suburb of Joliet is helping rescue two trains from the tracks near Lake Michigan, the museum said.

The trains are one of four trains that have collided on the railroad’s standard gauge track, which runs along a mile-long stretch of the tracks between Chicago and Milwaukee.

The other two are in the nearby town of Woodstock.

The accident occurred Thursday morning, said Richard Dominguez, president of the museum.

It was unclear whether the two trains are in good condition.

Domingez said the tracks were a good location for a train to collide, as it was on a flat area, and the railroad had not posted the number of vehicles that were involved.

“The tracks are on a relatively flat part of the track and the tracks are really well protected,” he said.

“If you’ve got a train that is a lot larger than what you normally see on this railroad, you’ve never seen that kind of damage to the rails, and we’re hoping that when we can look at the railroad, we can do something to make sure we get the trains back to the right place.”

The two trains that were hit were in the back of the second car, which was moving at a slower speed, Domingos said.

No one was injured in either incident.

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