How to navigate through the Australian capital, Melbourne, by train and by bus


An interactive map of Melbourne by train from the city centre to the city’s central station has been designed by a Melbourne-based company.

The map shows all of Melbourne’s train stations and the best way to get around the city.

The Melbourne Metro Rail Map shows all the trains, buses and stations in Melbourne by rail and bus.

It has also been updated with new services and schedules.

It was created by the Australian Railways in partnership with the Melbourne-Waterloo Metro Rail Transit (MWRT) project, which will connect Melbourne to the rest of Victoria by rail.

The Metro Rail map will be displayed at the Metro Rail Station at the intersection of the Yarra and Richmond roads.

The city is a major hub for regional and international travel, with many major roads including the Melbourne Circular Road being open to public transport.

There are also numerous commuter and business rail services, such as train services from Melbourne to Hobart, Canberra, Darwin, Brisbane, Perth, and Sydney.

The maps also show the best places to get food, drinks and a bike, with details on cafes, restaurants, shops and services.

“It’s a great tool for those looking to understand where the train station is, or who is coming through,” said MRT project manager Tom Wood.

Mr Wood said the project has been a “big success”. “

A lot of people in Melbourne will say ‘oh, why should I come in the city to go to a restaurant and have a drink?'”

Mr Wood said the project has been a “big success”.

“It shows the city is getting more connected and we’re seeing more people using these services,” he said.

The MRT map has been developed with the support of the City of Melbourne, the Australian Government, the Victoria Police, the Victorian Government, Metro Rail and the Victoria Public Transport Authority (VPTSA).

The MetroRail project will be implemented on the Melbourne Metro between the CBD and the outer suburbs by 2022.

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