Bumblebee and Buzz are on their way to Disneyland!


Bumblebees, Buzzes and other animals will be part of the Disneyland Resort’s newest attraction, the Mickey’s Flying Circus, according to a report from ESPN.

The attraction, which is set to open in 2020, will feature bumblebee, buzzbee and other wild animals.

The park is hoping to attract a younger crowd, and a “buzzy” attraction will allow children to see how the animals behave.

“Mickey’s flying circus will be an attraction to thrill guests of all ages, whether they are a baby or a child of six,” Disneyland spokesperson Jodi Doss told ESPN.

Mickey and the gang have been making their way back to the Disneyland park after a few months on the road.

They will be coming back for a few more months, and will be returning in 2021, the report said.

It’s hard to imagine Mickey’s Flying Horse with its famous trampoline, but I imagine the flying horse will be a real treat for kids and parents.

As for Buzz, he’ll likely be just another circus freak in the back of the crowd, which includes a circus barge, a circus train, a giant flying pig, and, of course, a bumble bee.

Bumblebees are the wild relatives of bumblebees.

Buzz will make his return to Disneyland next year, but he’ll also be visiting Disneyland Disneyland park in 2021 and 2019, according the report.

In 2021, Mickey’s flying horse has been relocated to a new location at the Disneyland resort.

The ride has not been opened yet, and Disney is keeping it a secret.

But, I would imagine Buzz and Bumble Bee will be on their next adventure at the park.

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