A new study finds shunning by parents in Queensland is a leading cause of child death – and it could also be the cause of deaths among other families


Posted October 11, 2019 14:47:47In 2016, Queensland recorded a record number of child deaths from shunning or abandonment.

Queensland’s shunning laws are not as stringent as many of the rest of Australia, but it does require children to be accompanied by their parent or guardian at all times.

Children may be forced to leave home if they are found wandering without a parent or person to care for them.

Queenlanders also have strict rules for when and where children can be kept away from their parents.

Parents who shunning their children are often told by social workers and child welfare officers that they are being a nuisance to their children.

This often causes children to fear and distrust their parents, and shunning is often the first step in breaking the rule.

The study by Queensland Child Protection, published this month in the Australian Journal of Psychiatry, found shunning to be a leading factor in the deaths of a total of 607 children in Queensland.

It found children who were shunted to different areas in the state, such as in the north-west or in rural areas, were more likely to die of a number of reasons, including drowning, suffocation, electrocution, homicide, suicide and electrocutions.

Among those who were shunning, about a third of the children died in a single year, and about half of the deaths occurred in the first 12 months of life.

Dr Andrew Dufresne from the Child Protection and Child Health team at Queensland Health said shunning was a risk factor for child death.

“It’s a risk we don’t want to go down,” he said.

”It’s not something that’s acceptable in any circumstances.

We want to avoid it.

We’re trying to minimise the harm that can occur and to ensure that there’s no further harm to our children.

“Dr Dufre said parents had to be aware of their own behaviour, as well as what was happening to their child, and that their child could be shunted further afield.

He said social workers would also have to consider what actions could be taken to prevent further deaths.

If a parent shuns their child because of shunning concerns, they should be able to request a meeting with social workers or Child Protection staff.

In the study, parents who were told they were shunnying were more than twice as likely to have children who died within two years.

They were also three times more likely if their child had a history of shunsing.

Shunning has a strong correlation with higher rates of violence, mental health problems and suicide among children, the study found.

Professor Ian McPherson from the University of Queensland’s Child and Adolescent Mental Health Research Centre said shunting could be a cause of death among families with children who are more likely than others to have physical or mental health issues.

What is child shunning?”

(Shunning) can also be a trigger for suicide,” he told the ABC.

What is child shunning?

Child shunning refers to the process by which children are shunned from their home by a parent, guardian or other adult, or from their school, community or other group, if the child is being shunned because of behavioural or emotional problems.

When children are being shunted, they are typically separated from their families for up to six months, sometimes longer.

Schools are not required to have any special facilities for shunning.

Most shunning happens during the summer holidays.

During the school holidays, parents can shun their children from school for a number, but not all, of the year.

But during the school term, it is more likely that children are sent home to parent a parent who has been shunned.

There are other times when children may be sent home for a period of time, such a holiday, but again, they do not usually leave home during the holiday.

Researchers found the following factors that can cause shunning: Children who were separated from parents or guardians are more than three times as likely as those who are not separated to die in a year.

This is due to factors such as lack of supervision, family conflict, and a lack of social support.

While the study does not prove that shunning causes the deaths, it does provide a baseline for further research.

Source: Queensland Health More stories from Queensland

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