‘This is just the beginning’: How the NSW government is trying to control the bnsf rail network


A new report reveals the state government is planning to buy an “up-front” stake in a new bnsif railway.

The Government Accountability Office has called for the Government to hold a public consultation before a decision is made, and is also calling for a national rail regulator to be established to ensure bnsi is kept in check.

NSW has been given the option to purchase a stake in the railway under a previous government, which was rejected by voters in the state’s April election.

But the state has since been given an option to buy back the shares and use the proceeds to improve bnsfc rail services.

In a letter to the NSW Public Service Commission, the Government Accountability office said there is a risk that the public would lose out if a stake purchase was delayed.

“The government is taking a wait-and-see approach to whether the state will purchase a bnsfa rail line, given the current state of affairs and the concerns about the current train network,” the audit said.

“[The] risks that the state may not be able to purchase the bngf rail line due to lack of funding and other constraints, or be able buy the line to protect its public interests.”

The report said the Government was likely to use the money to improve the quality of train services and increase capacity.

Mr Keogh said the bnsw railway was already running on a “substantial scale” and that he was “pleased” to see the Government taking the opportunity to improve it.

He said bnsfs train operation was “well on its way to becoming one of the best in the country” and was expected to be able “to deliver the level of services and amenities it was able to deliver last year”.

“We’re hoping that in the near future, we’ll be able see some of the improvements that we’ve seen in the past, as well as some of those that we’re seeing now, that will allow us to continue to make improvements,” he said.

“We’re really happy to be part of this and looking forward to the future.”

He was also pleased that the Government had been willing to invest in bnsfi train operations.

Read more: “I’m really pleased that they have chosen to invest that money in train operation in order to get it to where it’s now, and we’re very grateful for that,” he added.

Queensland has also invested $500 million in the bntf railway.

The Government has also been able to increase train services on the NSW bnsis rail network, including from the Western Downs in NSW to Penrith in Queensland.

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