Man who rode train with woman he met in train station says he was ‘surprised’


A man who rode a train with a woman he fell in love with in a station has apologised for having sex on board the train and admitting he was “surprisessed” by what he did.

The case, which sparked a police investigation and sparked a debate about sex and privacy in the age of the internet, sparked a backlash from women who saw it as proof of a man’s power.

The man, whose identity was not released, told police he and his wife had met the woman, who he was dating, on a train in December 2014.

When they arrived at the station at 10:00pm, the woman and her boyfriend had taken the train to the city’s airport.

They boarded the train at 10.30pm, and were on their way to a shopping centre when the woman stopped to take a shower.

“I asked the woman to turn off the train,” he said.

But when the train stopped at the airport, the couple decided to stop in the station.

They met the man, who told them he had just been having sex with a female friend of his.

He said the couple then kissed each other, then the woman asked him to stop.

He agreed.

However, when he looked at the woman on the train, the man said: “Oh no, no, it’s not happening.”

“Oh no!

It’s not,” he continued.

“I’ve been sleeping with women.

He said the woman then started screaming and he ran from the train station.

Police were called to the station and, after questioning the couple, found that the man had acted inappropriately on board.

A spokeswoman for the Metropolitan Police Service said the man was questioned by police in connection with the incident and, as a result, the Metropolitan police investigation was launched.

According to the spokesman, the police investigation is still ongoing and it is understood the man will be referred to a disciplinary board, but he has been told he is no longer a suspect in the case.

Police have also issued a statement saying they are continuing to investigate.

It said: ”The Met’s sexual offences unit is investigating this matter and will be releasing further information at a later date.”

The Metropolitan police has been contacted for comment.

This story has been updated.


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