How to watch the new series of the Indian Railway series titled Railway series, from Dabur to Kochi


By now, you have probably seen the first two series of Indian Railway.

The series follows two of the world’s biggest railway franchises. 

A series of six shows is on its way to India. 

The first series will begin airing on December 7 and runs for six days. 

It has been billed as a “modern day adventure” but you have to admit, it is a lot more action-packed than the past. 

In fact, it feels like the first time we are seeing the new shows in India.

I am not talking about the CGI effects or CGI action scenes but rather the fact that they are more in line with the original series. 

We saw a glimpse of a train on a moving platform at the end of season one and we also saw a train at a railway station during the finale. 

With the first six episodes, we can see that the original team is looking to create a new look for the franchise. 

On one hand, the series is based on a franchise that is known for its fast-paced action sequences. 

But the real difference is that the new show has a bit more focus on story, character development and even a plot twist. 

When it comes to the series, the main difference between the old series and this new one is the amount of content. 

Instead of having three episodes per season, the new season will have four episodes per episode. 

So, you will get more of a story, more character development, and more action scenes. 

Also, the characters in the new Indian Railway are much more realistic and not only that, they are a lot smarter and more sophisticated than the characters we saw in the old show. 

One of the most exciting things about this new series is that you get to experience some of the greatest battles of the last century, including the Battle of Lahore and the Battle in Delhi, in the present-day setting. 

There are many battles and battles of every kind, from battles fought in the trenches of World War II, to the battles fought on the borders of Afghanistan and India, to battles fought at the battle of New Delhi. 

I will be watching the first episode of the new India Railway series.

What can I expect from this new Indian Rail franchise? 

One thing that has surprised me is that, although the original Indian Railway has been around for so long, they have managed to get so much out of it. 

For example, the opening theme song was written by Indian composer Sudhakar Manikandan. 

This new series will be similar in theme, but they will have a new composer. 

What do you think about the new franchise?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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