How to train for the world’s toughest jobs


The best way to beat the odds is to train harder, according to the top brass at a leading Australian rail company.

The chief executive of the National Railway Services Corporation, which runs the Western Australian, told a business conference on Thursday that it is imperative for Australian companies to increase their risk tolerance.

“It’s a great time to be a trainee, but the biggest hurdle in our industry right now is risk,” he said.

“We can only train so many people, so we need to increase the amount of risk in our workforce.”

He said trainee companies must be able to handle the challenges that come with the role.

“If you can handle the risk, then you can also handle the rewards,” Mr Dickson said.

The NRSC chief executive also highlighted the importance of being “a team player” when it comes to risk management.

“When you train your workforce you’re not just looking at individual employees, you’re also looking at your whole organisation, so the way you look at risk is critical,” he added.

“You can’t get a train with more than one engineer, for example, so you need to get everyone together.”

So it’s the individual components of your organisation that are most at risk, not just the individual workers.

“Railway trainees need to be able ‘be a team player’Mr Dickson’s comments come after an Australian RailCorp (ARCT) whistleblower last week said it was “inevitable” that some trainees would fail the required safety tests and be sent home.

He told the ABC’s Insiders program that the government had already increased the training requirements of trainees by 10 per cent in the past three years.

The whistleblower, who has not been named, said that if trainees failed the required tests, they would be sent back to their parent company, which would then find out whether the training was “appropriate” and, if so, how it could be improved.”

What we have to do, it’s just like being a traineeship, is we’ve got to be very diligent about getting the trainees to the point where they understand how we operate,” he told the program.”

The thing that’s going to get them out of there is being a team leader.

“It has to be somebody who knows how to manage risk, who’s a risk manager and somebody who can make sure that that risk doesn’t slip through their fingers.”

‘There is no way we can train all the trains’The whistleblower’s comments have prompted a swift response from the NRSCA, which has released a statement saying it has been “aware of the recent reports” and “is reviewing our processes and policies”.

“The NRCSCC is an independent public body which is accountable to its members, the community and the public.”NRCS CC is committed to ensuring that trainees have the opportunity to gain the skills and knowledge they need to work in the railway industry and contribute to Australia’s national economy,” it said.

Trainees are now required to complete a series of safety assessments.

The NSRCA also has a training programme for trainees called the Trainers’ Development Programme (TDP).

Trainers can train on a range of projects, from designing the train for a particular project to developing a project plan for a project that involves a particular train.

Trainers will also learn about how the rail industry functions, such as the roles of train drivers and train maintenance staff.

But the trainers’ development programme is being rolled out to trainees, and is being expanded to trainee groups to ensure they have the necessary skills.

‘You can get a training with more [than one] engineer’The NRAT chief executive said there were a number of trainee trainees who were doing well in their jobs and that there was a shortage of trainers.

He said the government would be working with trainees in the NRCC to ensure that there were enough trainees.

And that’s why we’ve been looking at trainee training.” “

[It’s] about finding the best trainees and then making sure that they’re able to be successful in the industry,” he was quoted as saying.

“And that’s why we’ve been looking at trainee training.”

Mr Gower said that train operators were already working hard to recruit trainees as a way of keeping up with the demand for new train services and to ensure there was sufficient capacity for all train services.

In addition, trainees were now required by law to have a valid pass from their parent train company.

“Trainees who are in the transport industry need to have that pass to operate in that industry,” Mr Gower added.

And he said trainees had a number a requirements from their parents and it was vital that they could meet these requirements.

“But that is not just about trainees’ needs,

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