How to tell if you’re in the train at a railway station


Train stations across the world are dotted with signs reading, “train stations at this time” or “train station at this hour” — but they can be a little misleading.

For one thing, there are usually more trains on the line at that time of day than there are people on it.

And while you may notice the trains on some of the signs, it’s not quite as simple as saying “Train at this train station at 8:00 p.m.”

There’s a catch.

If you’re at a station at a particular time, it might not be an accurate representation of what is actually happening.

Here are the main ways trains get to and from the station at different times.


The train’s actually coming from the terminal.

Most stations are equipped with overhead signs that show how long it’ll take to get from one point to the next.

But if you wait in line, you’ll get to see the trains before you even get there.

This can make it look like the trains are going to arrive from one terminal and then come to another one.

That’s because they’re actually coming on an hourly schedule.

The problem is that some stations may have lines that go long before they’re ready to be used, so it’s easy to get stuck at a train station that is just not showing up in the timetable.


The station is actually close to a stop.

If the train is just coming off the line, it’ll probably be a safe bet that the station will be right across the street from a stop, even if you can’t see it.

So even if the train’s just coming out of the station, it may not be close enough to be in the schedule.

That means that you might have to wait for a while in line before you get to your train, and you’ll be waiting for quite a while to get to it. 3.

The stop itself is on the tracks.

There are stations that are closer to a track, which means that the train can actually leave the station and enter a different station before the next train arrives.

For example, if the station is at the bottom of a hill, the train will actually leave a different track than it came from.

In some places, it can even be a short distance away from the nearest station.


You can actually see the train in the distance.

Many stations have signs that say “stop in the next two minutes,” but it’s possible to miss it.

If it’s only a few meters away, you can just look down and see the line.

In fact, some stations have a sign that says “train in the direction of travel.”

But if it’s just a few feet away, the stop itself won’t be on the same track as the line it’s on. 5.

It’s a “line” with trains going all the way around it.

Most trains stop at a certain point along the line that they’re on.

If a train is going all around the station or on the track, you won’t see that line.

But there’s a way to find out when the next stop is — it’s called a “turning circle.”

Here’s what it looks like.

A turning circle is an imaginary circle that appears as the train turns from one direction to another.

A train that’s turning to the left may stop at the intersection of the tracks it’s going through, while a train that is going to the right may stop in a different intersection.

It can be easy to miss a turning circle.


It is actually a train going in a straight line.

If trains are only going in the same direction, the turn circle will look like a straight, long line.

And in fact, a turn circle is usually a good indicator of the train heading in the right direction.

But trains are usually heading in opposite directions, so if you see the turn circles on both sides of the track on the train, that means the train isn’t coming from that direction.

And if it turns out to be a train heading the other way, you might not see it at all.


The turn circle doesn’t appear to be going anywhere.

It may look like there’s an arrow pointing to the stop at an intersection, or it might even be pointing to an intersection that’s in the way of the turn-around circle.

But in reality, the arrow is pointing to a different point.

That point is often the stop.

Sometimes the turn is visible from the stop, but sometimes it’s very far away.


There’s no way to tell which direction the train comes from.

If your train is coming from an intersection and then a stop is being shown, it will probably be coming from a direction you didn’t expect.

But sometimes, it won’t.

In that case, you will have to look at the stop and the arrow to know where the train came from, and if it is a train coming from another direction

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