How to take your garden train from a ‘shovel-ready’ to a ‘tourist attraction’


You can put a garden train into the rail network, and it will not only make a train run faster, it will also be a joy to ride.

It’s a bit like a steam train, but a more comfortable ride and a better way to visit some of the UK’s most scenic railway stations.

Rail enthusiasts can take a look at the full railway system from a train platform in Bradford, the first of the five major rail routes to be rebranded.

What is the Garden Rail Network?

There are currently six railway stations in the UK, including: The Garden Railway, in Berkshire, which links the cities of Bradford and Milton Keynes.

The M6, in Kent, which runs from London to Brighton.

Garden Railway Express, a network connecting the south of England with the Midlands.

Great Western Railway, a line connecting London with the North East.

Northern Rail, a route connecting London to the Midlands and North West.

Southern Rail, an electrified line linking Birmingham and Liverpool.

A network of eight inter-connected railway lines stretching from Birmingham to Cardiff, as well as a few on the Clyde.

If you are looking to take a train to the most scenic stations in Britain, then this is the way to go.

You can choose from trains that travel up to 10 miles (16km), and trains that go up to 45 miles (72km).

How much do trains cost?

Train times vary depending on how far away you want to go, and you can find a list of train prices at the end of this article.

For most journeys, trains are only 10 miles apart.

Train timetables are published in both English and Welsh, and include timetables for the day you plan to travel.

How do I get to the train station?

If your journey starts or ends at a train station, you can use the train timetable app to check the next train from the station and book it ahead.

Train times are listed on the timetable app, so you will know when the next trains are due to depart and when you will get to them.

Train schedules will be updated every few hours, so check the schedule before you arrive.

Do trains go on all days?


Each station has a different timetable, and the timetable may not be as current as other timetables.

There is a one-hour delay when a train is on a track between stations, and there are no overnight stops between stations.

You will also need to check when your train is due to leave the station to check if it has been allocated for the next scheduled stop.

Train stops can vary from station to station.

The station where you are travelling has a map of all stations, so if you are going from London or the South East, you will be able to see which train stops are on the map, and which ones are not.

You may also want to check which stations have trains available for your journey, if they have them at all.

If you are planning to visit a train site, there is a map which lists which stations are open for the night.

How long does it take to travel on a train?

Train journeys usually take around 15 minutes, and trains can go up and down a track in a few seconds.

Can trains stop at stations?

No, there are not stops at stations.

The railway network is electrified and is only used to provide a link between London and Birmingham, so there are a number of stops between those two cities.

You do not need to stop at any stations during your journey.

Why do people like trains?

Train rides are not as popular as they used to be.

The number of people who visit the rail stations has gone up considerably over the past few decades, and that is partly because of the increased popularity of trains. 

When I visit a railway station, does it matter how long I stay?

If you’re looking to book a train, the longer you stay at the station, the more you will have to pay for your tickets.

If your visit is to visit one of the country’s most spectacular railway stations, you may be better off taking the train that is shorter than the one you will arrive at, as it is a more convenient way to travel, and cheaper than waiting in line.

You may also like: British trains: how to book from London and Manchester to Manchester and Birmingham but there is no timetable for the Manchester to Birmingham train but it does have stops at the city’s other stations. 

Rail commuters have been complaining about long waits since trains began running regularly between the two cities in 2002. 

The average train journey time has doubled in the past 20 years, with some of these changes coming about in response to the 2008 financial crisis.

The London to Birmingham Rail Network was created to ensure that the journey between the cities was as enjoyable as possible for

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