How to save money on your railway apartments


In a few days time, you’ll be able to find a good deal on railway apartments for a good price.

It’s been around since the early 2000s and the company that has been running the train station is no stranger to controversies.

In 2007, they got caught selling the cheapest train tickets in the world to the Taliban and the Pakistani Taliban.

The next year, they were caught selling some of the cheapest flights in the country to Iran.

They were also accused of stealing the passports of people who were trying to leave Pakistan, and were accused of cheating their way out of jail for a few months.

But now, after months of public criticism, the company is back on track and will be returning to the market in the next few weeks. 

We spoke to the head of the company, Mullah Mahmood Khan, to find out more about the company and its plans for the future.VICE: First of all, tell us about your history.

How did you get into this business?

Mullah Khan: Well, we are a family-run business that has started out with a small number of train station workers.

I started out as a labourer in a railway station in Delhi in the 1950s.

In 1970, I left my job at the station and came to New Delhi to work for the railway ministry.

Since then, we have been running trains at the train depot and in the rail corridor.

So I have been with the railway since then. 

What attracted you to train stations?

M: The fact that I was not able to get into a job in any other job offered me the opportunity to work at the railway station.

As I was working as a train driver, I was getting very sick every day.

Even though I was sick, I could still go out to the station. 

So I had to find other ways to earn money.

What’s your experience at the Railway Station?

M : The train station has been in the news for a number of reasons, but the most common ones were the Taliban attacks on train stations, the financial scandals and the security breaches.

After the Taliban attacked the station in 2003, we were able to recover some of our assets, but there was no financial recovery.

That was when the government came in.

They took away the power to run the station, which was in a private sector.

M: What are the current plans for railway apartments?

M:(I) have been planning to build a railway apartment complex at the end of the tunnel.

This would have a high-speed train line, a parking area and some other amenities.

We will be using a rail yard at the base of the station for building.

(This) will be in partnership with the state government.

I am also planning to open a railway bridge to connect the two terminals.

The state government has also offered to build it.

What’s the best time to buy railway apartments in Mumbai?

M:- It depends on the type of rental.

If you are a landlord, you would find a lot of bargains on the railway.

If you are an investor, you will find a bargain on the railroads.

It depends how much you can afford.

When you buy a railway property, you are making a big commitment to a property.

The best time would be now, when the train services are at their peak.

M How do you plan to spend the money you earn?

M.: I am not planning to spend any money on train apartments.

We have done our best to manage the costs of the property and have done some research into how to invest.

But we do not plan to make money on the property.

M: Is the government interested in buying the property?

M.(A) The government is interested in the property because they are interested in making a profit from it.

If they want to invest in the railway, they should buy it from the state and the state should invest in it.

M: What would the company be doing with the train apartment?


We would sell it to the government.

M (A): We have already sold a railway office in Delhi.

But we would like to sell railway apartments to other countries.


The railway has been an asset for the state for years.

If we were to sell it, we would make money from it but we would not be able do that.

M.(B) We have been talking to other cities.

It would be good to have a railway service to the west coast.


But if we are going to sell the property to other governments, it would be better for us to sell to other states. 

M: How would you handle security breaches?

M, (A) I will be very careful.

I would be very, very careful about security breaches on the train.

I have already asked the Railway Ministry to do everything to prevent such breaches.

I will also be using CCTV

300 railway apartments railway bridge

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