How to keep your train running during an Amtrak derailment


Train derailments are very common.

The vast majority occur on the tracks of Amtrak’s regional rail system.

The derailments, however, can be fatal.

Below are some tips to keep trains running during such an incident.1.

Be aware of the train’s location2.

If you see an overturned train, get down to the ground and help3.

Be alert for a train approaching your position4.

Check on your family members to see if they’re ok5.

Have someone at the train to communicate with them6.

Get medical attention if needed7.

Know your surroundings and surroundings alone8.

Know that your loved ones are in the right place9.

Know where you are in time of danger10.

Have a good idea of where you’re headed.11.

Keep an eye on the weather12.

Don’t be afraid to jump into a river13.

Take precautions and don’t forget your clothes14.

Take a photo of yourself15.

Keep a lookout for a person(s) on the train16.

Know the train is a train17.

Know how to take pictures18.

Keep up with the news on social media19.

Keep in mind that there are always people on the way20.

If someone is stuck in the train, try to reach them21.

Make a plan22.

Take care of the people on board and help them if necessary23.

Keep track of the emergency kit, the items needed for the emergency, and the person(es) on board.24.

Know which way the train has left you and your destination.25.

Have an emergency kit with you, along with an emergency whistle, flasher, and/or a fire extinguisher.26.

Have the latest weather information27.

Know what time the train will arrive and depart from your location.28.

Know when the train leaves the train station.29.

Know a train schedule30.

Know why the train needs to be stopped31.

Know if your train is late or is arriving late.32.

Know you can reach a person at the station34.

Know who is with you if your companion is ill.35.

Know whether the train should be moved35.

Keep your belongings at home.

The train could be stopped.

Railroad accidents are an increasing threat to the lives of passengers.

An Amtrak train that was derailed in Kentucky on Jan. 7, 2016, caused the deaths of three people and injured four others.

Here are some of the other train accidents that have occurred in the past decade.1.)

Amtrak’s Southwest Corridor derailment on April 5, 2014: The train derailed in the area of the Ohio River in western Kentucky.

A freight train collided with a freight train and caused the derailment.

The passengers were not injured.

The rail line was closed for nearly a week and the derailments were investigated by federal and state authorities.2.)

Amtrak derailments in Michigan in 2005 and 2011: Two Amtrak trains collided in eastern Michigan in April 2005 and June 2011.

One train derailed and the other derailed and was destroyed by fire.

The two trains were transporting passengers and equipment.

The trains were operating in both directions.

The Amtrak railroad suffered $30 million in damages and the owners of the derailers received fines of up to $5 million.3.)

Amtrak train derailments on June 10, 2015 in Texas: Two train derailers collided in Texas on June 5, 2015, resulting in the death of two people and injuring seven others.

The accident involved an Amtrak train traveling in the eastbound direction.

Two of the trains derailed and several other cars on the track were destroyed.4.)

Amtrak Train Crash in Pennsylvania in 2015: A passenger train derailed at the intersection of Interstate 80 and Interstate 29 near Penns Grove, Pennsylvania.

The crash injured eight people, including two people who died.

The National Transportation Safety Board said in a statement that the crash was caused by “poor road conditions.”

The National Transportation Board said it will release the report on the incident in about six weeks.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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