How to avoid becoming a statistician


Statistics is like the first tool in a new toolbox, but the same tools are often used interchangeably.

I’ve had my eye on one statistic for a while now: the average length of a game played.

In hockey, you’d be forgiven for thinking that was a measure of how well the team played and that it was a pretty accurate predictor of how good a team was going to be.

But when it comes to the NFL, you might be surprised to learn that the average NFL game has an average length, as well.

That is because the NFL is a lot of fun to watch.

That’s because the league is a bunch of players playing together.

That means the NFL players have different physical attributes and, in the process, they’ll also have different mental attributes and so forth.

So if you want to get a good feel for what a good football team looks like, you’ll want to look at the average duration of each of the 30 games.

So, what do you do with that information?

Well, you could look at how often each team was on the field for a given play.

Or, you can look at each player’s play-by-play stats.

You can also look at whether a team had any sort of turnovers.

Or you can just look at average yards per play.

For instance, if the team that won the most games in the NFL in 2012 averaged 1.26 yards per carry, then you could consider the average yardage per play of the 10 teams that went to the Super Bowl.

You could even go back and look at which teams won the Superbowl and the NFC Championship games.

In the end, it’s all about the numbers, and, like a lot to do with statistics, the longer the better.

The average length The average time for each play on the game clock is called the “play clock.”

The play clock is measured in seconds.

Each play is called a quarter (the first quarter of the game) and a half (the second quarter).

If you take the play clock in seconds, then the average time to call each play is 0.07 seconds.

For the 2012 season, that would be a quarter, three quarters and three half seconds.

That would put the average play-clock length at 2.05 seconds.

But the average game is a little longer, and in the case of the NFL it’s an even longer time.

So the average “play-by” time of the first quarter is 0:45, the average for the first half is 0 :53, and the average during the second half is 1:24.

(The NFL doesn’t give out play-scores, so it’s impossible to know how often a particular play was called in the second quarter or first half.)

The average “game clock” for the 2011 season was 0:48, which is 1 second longer than the average run clock for the NFL.

That year, the NFL averaged 1:06 per play, which was the third-longest play-time average in the league.

(It’s worth noting that the league didn’t make it easier for the coaches to call plays.)

The NFL average for yards per rush was 2.09, which would put it at 1.38 per rush play.

That might seem like a big difference, but when you think about how much a team can have running back Adrian Peterson (7.3 yards per rushing attempt) do, it might not seem that much.

It might not be that big a difference in terms of the overall length of the field.

But that’s the point: If a team runs the ball well and makes good decisions with it, it can win.

So when you combine the play-caller’s performance and the play length, you get an average play length of 1.39 seconds, which makes it the second-longer average for a football game, behind only the Superdome in New Orleans.

And that’s before you factor in penalties.

The NFL also includes an “interception rate” statistic, which gives you a good sense of how often certain players make plays.

When the “interference” statistic is used, you want a number that is close to 1.

The league average for “interceptions” was 1.16, which means that the NFL’s “intercept rate” was 2 percent higher than the league average.

And while it’s not a great indicator of the quality of a play, the league has used this statistic in the past.

For example, if you take a look at this statistic for the Superb Five (the New England Patriots), you can see how they’ve been a pretty good defensive team for a number of years.

The Patriots are 0.93 points better than the NFL average in that statistic.

If you also look into the play lengths of other teams, you see that the Patriots are actually slightly worse than the best teams in the entire NFL.

The “interruption rate” of the Seahawks is about 2.2

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