How to run a rail line that doesn’t need a train


An Indiana rail line built under a $2 billion loan from a federal stimulus program may be the only route to get a train across the country without one.

The state’s Transportation Department says the line will run between Indianapolis and Louisville, Ky., with a stop in Columbus, Ohio, about a 30-minute train ride.

The line, which also runs in Kansas City, Mo., and Chicago, will be built with private money and is financed through a $1.3 billion federal grant.

It is the first of its kind, with no federal grant for the project, which will be funded entirely by tolls.

It is expected to cost about $1 billion to build.

The Indiana Department of Transportation’s (IDOT) press release says the rail line will use “a low-impact approach to minimize impacts to the environment, including by avoiding large infrastructure projects and projects that require extensive maintenance.”

The agency says it will have “a single track” between Indiana and Louisville that will not require a major track upgrade.

The agency says the $1-billion loan is the largest single grant to a new rail line in U.S. history.

The department also said the line “will be constructed in a cost-effective manner and has no significant impact on the environment or other local communities.”

The state of Indiana’s $2.8 billion loan program is designed to create jobs and economic development.

The grant is part of a $6 billion package of federal stimulus money that has been set aside for public transit projects.

The Trump administration, in a memo to Congress on Tuesday, called for an increase of the stimulus package to $3.6 billion in 2019, with $3 billion being dedicated for infrastructure.

The federal stimulus is being used to fund a rail project in New York City that is currently under construction.

It includes a $500 million line that will run from Queens to Manhattan.

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